Frequently Asked Questions about the eGovernment Site


Question: When I tried to pay the fee, my credit card could not be authorized. I know my card is in good standing. What happened?

Answer: First, make sure you are using either MasterCard or Visa.  This site does not accept other credit cards.  Second, make sure you have selected the correct Credit Card Type, Expiration Date, and Card Verification No.  Third, make sure you do not enter anything but the 16 digits of your credit card number.  Do not enter dashes or any other characters.  Finally, make sure to enter the Name on Account exactly as it appears on the card.


Question: I am having some trouble navigating your site.  Data does not display correctly.  And the site won’t let me pay with my credit card.  What am I doing wrong?

Answer: This site fully supports Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and Mozilla Firefox 1.5 or higher. Your payment may not process if you are using Safari, Google Chrome, or a mobile device browser such as the iPhone or iPad.


Question: I want to renew my RN license, but not my Advanced Practice license.  Can I do this online?

Answer: No.  If you renew your RN license online you must also renew your Advanced Practice license.  Contact the Nursing board by email or phone if you do not want to renew your Advanced Practice license.


Question: I wanted to get a duplicate copy of my license, but when I selected that option from the menu, nothing appeared beneath the words “Eligible Licenses.”  What am I doing wrong?

Answer: Your license must have a status that allows it to be eligible for a duplicate.  Check your license status.  Otherwise, please contact your board by phone or email.


Question: Why does the Department want my email address?

Answer: The Department would like to be able to email you concerning important updates or events.  The Department would also like to allow licensees to select their preferred method of communication – regular mail or email – for all correspondence from the Department.


Question: Who can I contact for other questions?

Answer: Contact the Help Desk at 617-973-0935.  Or email